Embossed Brass Clad Chest of Drawers

Embossed Brass Clad Chest

Product code: PHCB-5002 (use this code for inquiry)

Made of: Solid wood, MDF, brass

Size: L-120 x W-50 x H-86 cms.

Embossed Pattern: Floral

Interior: brown deco paint

Features: embossed design, 7 drawers, indoor use only

Customization: As per customer need

We manufacture these Embossed Brass Clad Chest in solid wood and MDF. The embossed design in this chest is produced with the help of a hammer and metal die. For this reason, it’s hard to get perfection like a machine. In addition, the embossed pattern in this chest is floral. This chest is 80% handcrafted and 20% made with the help of modern tools. You are free to choose any other embossed pattern for this brass dresser. The brass gets patina with time and it can be secure with a protective coating, we use PU coating for this Embossed Brass Clad drawer.

We polish this Brass Accent Chest 2 times before giving the final finish. After polishing we use a protective coating to give it a long life shine. That Embossed Brass Clad Chest comes with seven draws and a push-to-open latch. We are using thousands of nails and adhesive to secure the brass sheet clad in this chest. We did a long-lasting Duco paint in this Embossed Brass Clad Chest’s back and in interior parts and we use brown Duco paint for almost every brass clad furniture. Also, this Embossed Brass Clad Chest comes with floor protective pads.

We can manufacture this chest in Antique German silver also.

Similarly, we highly recommend an Embossed Brass Clad mirror with this drawer. You will find many beautiful designs of embossed brass clad mirrors on this website. We make all kinds of brass clad furniture, we request you to please look at our other brass clad furniture. We are a manufacturer, supplier, and export of Embossed Brass Clad Chest. Prakash Handicraft exports this brass clad furniture in the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia.

You are welcome with your own design and pattern, we happily accept customization and bulk order.

We welcome you to visit our factory, we have a team of 50+ well-skilled workers.