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bone inlay furniture

Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone Inlay furniture is the most popular furniture exporting from India right now. We manufacture bone inlay coffee table, camel bone console, buffalo bone box, bone inlay tray and, drawers.

brass clad furniture

Brass Clad Furniture

The brass clad work is an example of true craftsmanship origin in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We manufacture brass clad cabinet, dresser, chest, antique brass desk, stool, Indian hand-carved furniture.

metal wrapped furniture

Metal Wrapped Furniture

The Metal Wrapped work is the same as Brass Clad work, we use German Silver in the metal wrapped furniture. We manufacture Metal Wrapped Wardrobe, regency chair, sideboard, porch swing, sofa set, trunk box.

mother of pearl inlay furniture

Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture

Mother of Pearl Inlay work is the same as the bone inlay work, in this work we use seashell instead of bone. We manufacture mother of pearl inlay dining table, nightstand, bedside, side table, poster bed, mirror frame.

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We, Prakash Handicraft welcome you to our website, dedicated to our Bone Inlay, Metal wrapped, Brass clad, Mother of Pearl inlay work.

We are based in the city of lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Udaipur is known for its lakes, palaces, and of course handicrafts, the art we inherited from our ancestors. You will find beautiful craftsmanship in our Bone inlay furniture, Metal wrapped furniture, Brass clad furniture, and the precious Mother of pearl inlay furniture. Every piece of our furniture will remind you of ancient Indian craftsmanship, Royalty, Art, and richness.

Bone Inlay Furniture :-

Our Bone Inlay Dresser is the most popular item in this category. Bone Inlay Dresser is made of solid wood, MFD, buffalo bone and, resin. First, we make the wooden structure of the dresser, and then our artist hand-carved each bone pieces following the bone inlay pattern. After preparing all the bone pieces it pasted on the dresser with the help of adhesive. After the bone pieces work we fill the colored resin in the gaps between the bone and left it to get dry. When resin gets dry we sand the dresser until it shows the bone pieces. After sanding the piece 3 times we polish the dresser with wax and get the surface smooth. We use the same process with our all bone inlay furniture including bone inlay chest of drawers, bone inlay cabinet, bone inlay coffee table, bone inlay buffet table, bone inlay box, bone inlay tray, etc.

Brass Clad Furniture :-

The most royal furniture we manufacture is brass clad furniture. Our most popular piece of furniture in this material is the Brass Clad Cabinet. Brass clad sunburst cabinet is made of solid wood, MDF, brass sheet, and brass nails. After making the wooden structure we hand-carved cabinet in a sunburst design. After the carving work, we prepare and cut the brass sheet according to the design. We clad the brass sheet on the wooden structure with the help of a hammer, after cladding the sheet we secure it with the help of adhesive and thousands of brass nails. It took almost one week to prepare a brass clad cabinet. The same process goes with a brass clad chest, brass clad antique desk, brass clad dining table, brass clad side table, brass clad sofa, and brass clad sideboard. We also make brass looks antique, bronze, patina, rustic, vintage, and industrial with the help of an aging solution.


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